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Chef Kanlaya Ouychaisawad

Kanlaya started a blog posting and sharing her  home cooking recipes. As a housewife in America with passion for Thai food, she often cooked and shared Thai food to neighbors and her husband's workplace. She is committed to getting people to know more about authentic Thai food and experience it from the first hand. 

AT Thai Smile Cuisine,

We offer authentic flavorful Thai dishes that we grew up eating. Our objective is to get people to know more about Thai dishes and its stories from first hand experience. The menu is the representation of our childhood memories and flavor of home.

Home cooking recipes
Thai kitchen essentials

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is used as salt in Thai cuisine. It's the backbone of Thai cooking.

Thai Bird's Eye Chile
The Thai bird's eye chile is ubiquitous and very hot. It will punch you in the nose, It's a sharp spice.

The acidic kick from tamarind isn't as sharp as lime. It's more round and balanced.

Jasmine rice

 Jasmine rice is grown throughout central Thailand. This Thai staple, a long-grain rice , is a must-have.

Fresh herbs

Nearly all Thai recipes revolve around a selection of herbs, from lemongrass to basil leaf to kaffir lime leaf for aromas

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